About Randy Sunderman

Randy Sunderman moved to Kamloops in 1965, and was raised in both Kamloops and Clearwater. He attended Cariboo College before leaving to attend the University of Victoria where he obtained degrees in Biology and Economics. He returned to Kamloops in 1996 to raise his family. Randy is married to Lynn and they have two adult children. Randy Sunderman is the president of Peak Solutions Consulting and has provided consulting services in economic development, impact assessment, feasibility and business planning across Canada. Randy has also worked for the BC provincial government serving as a regional economic development and project development specialist throughout the Thompson-Okanagan Region.   

Randy has been active in the community over the years, sitting on several boards and committees. His board activities in Kamloops includes sitting on the boards of Community Futures Thompson Country, Venture Kamloops Business Care program, the Aberdeen Neighbourhood Association, Kamloops Voters Society, City of Kamloops Revitalization Tax Exemption Committee, and the Kamloops Area Preservation Association. He is also a member of the Kamloops Kiwanis Club and Kamloops Chamber of Commerce. 

Outside the City he has sat on the board of the BC Economic Development Association, FORREX’s (Forest Research Extension Partnership) socio-economic advisory committee, and the provincial government’s Inland Port Steering Committee.      

 “Achieving real results together” 


” To have a City where we can safely live, work, and play, well into the future.” 


“Through inclusive, responsible, and transparent decision-making, we will make Kamloops shine.” 

Platform Overview

Council leads through establishing a clear, concise and focused Strategic Plan:

Six Strategic Focus Areas Guide My Platform:


“I was privileged to work with Randy on a community project affecting my neighbourhood here in Kamloops. I appreciated his down to earth style backed by his razor sharp intelligence. He works with people and teams, both as a leader or a contributor. His energy seems endless. His inquisitive mind and skills to find facts and answers is truly impressive. His background, education, professional experiences, and community connection gives him a fantastic base to contribute to Kamloops as a City Councillor. I wish him the best success in the process of nomination and campaigning, but look forward to his work on Council for Kamloops.” Dr. Jill Calder, Sahali.

I have known Randy for over 10 years, both through work and with the Aberdeen Neighbourhood Association. I have found Randy to be very focused and dedicated individual with a calm and analytical demeanor. As an economist that is highly sought after for his vast knowledge and experience, I know he would bring a fresh and focused approach and be a valuable member to City council during these times of many diverse challenges and issues facing our City.  If you want real solutions and see better outcomes, I highly recommended Randy Sunderman for City Councilor.”  Chris Bebek, Downtown Kamloops.

I have known Randy for about 40 years. He has always been a hard-working, enthusiastic and goal oriented person. His education at the University of Victoria prepared him well for his professional career as an economist. I believe he has the vision, knowledge, patience, and ideas which he will bring to the table at City Hall to make a difference. It is without a hesitation, I highly recommended and endorse Randy Sunderman for City Counsellor.” Dr. Bob Rishiraj, Downtown

“I’ve known Randy personally and professionally for over 20 years. His strong background in economics, finance and biology, his willingness to question and investigate, and his dedication to gathering many perspectives before a decision, will be a strong asset on Council.” Tom Rankin, Upper Sahali  

“I highly recommend Randy Sunderman for Kamloops City Council. I find his work as a economic consultant has trained him to be a good listener and very task oriented. When faced with a problem, he researches and explores the details before deciding which option will solve it best. In his job, he helps towns improve their economies and understand various impacts, while in his spare time he has boundless energy to help out his friends, family and community groups. 

Randy is an ethical person, who takes action when he encounters injustice. Whether he’s out marching in the streets, proposing changes to improve spending decisions impacting tax-payer money or protecting the environment, he is guided by his morals and isn’t afraid to tackle complex problems. Randy will be informed, outspoken and upstanding City Councilor for Kamloops.”   Jackie Pelton, Brocklehurst

“While participating with the  Aberdeen Neigbhourhood Association on committees and the Board, I have come to appreciate Randy’s dedication to making Kamloops a better place for citizens to live in. His communication and organizational skills on issues important to every resident will provide for a strong leader when he is elected to Kamloops City Council.” – Garry Davies, Aberdeen

 “Of the many qualities Randy has demonstrated through work and community initaitives we have shared, I believe  his most admirable strengths are linked to his ability to succinctly define a problem in a way that helps to identify real, practical and measurable solutions. Kamloops has many complicated problems right now and as citizens we need skilled problem solvers like Randy Sunderman on our council.” Joanne Mason, Westsyde 

 “I first met Randy 26 years ago working at Forest Renewal BC where he was a Regional Economic Development and Project Development Specialist, and I currently sit with him on the Aberdeen Neighbourhood Association that he chairs. In his work with Government and as a consultant, Randy has always impressed me with his personable communication and listening skills and desire to seek positive solutions to address many challenging situations with communities he has supported across BC. He has also demonstrated himself to be a sincere and effective leader on the Aberdeen Neighbourhood Association, resulting in many community improvements, and as chair providing feedback to the City on issues facing the community. I fully support Randy as a candidate for Kamloops City council and know he will do an outstanding job if elected.” – Steve Schell, Aberdeen 

“Randy is very articulate and common sense person.  He is careful  and measured with hist thoughts and actions. He has an extensive history of working with municipal, provincial and Indigenous governments throughout British Columbia. Randy’s knowledge, thoughtful, and common sense approach to decision making will make a very valuable councillor for the City of Kamloops” – Shirley Culver, Sahali 

 I wholeheartedly endorse Randy Sunderman, friend and colleague, for a seat on Kamloops City Council. Randy and I have worked together as members of the Aberdeen Neighbourhood Association Executive since its inception in 2014. I know how committed he is to public service and to his community as well as how well versed he is in governance and protocol. Randy doe not shy away from the difficult issues facing us but approaches all challenges methodically, rationally, and with an open mind and non-confrontational style. Kamloops needs the problem solving and interpersonal skills that Randy would bring to council” – Helen Newmarch, Aberdeen.

“I have worked beside Randy on several initiatives and enjoyed hours of problem solving, optimizing and strategizing. I enjoy sharing ideas with Randy, as he values and appreciates efficiency and good humour. I count Randy as a friend and will always welcome the empathy and intelligence he brings to the table” –Todd Mason – Westsyde

“I am impressed with Randy’s high level of community volunteer work, his excellent analytical work on numerous City issues, and his commitment to public engagement. His skills are much needed on Kamloops City Council.” – Don Barz, Sahali

I met Randy through work in 1996 when he had administrative responsibilities to manage project deliverables, contract obligations and policy considerations for a set of programs that I was working on. I saw him as an accomplished manager who provided guidance and balance to the emerging issues that we had to confront.

Randy is self-employed economist who practices as a professional economic development officer; he is socially conscious, fiscally responsible and opportunity aware. Randy is active in community affairs through his local neighbourhood association and with the Kamloops Voters Society where he continues to be an effective voice for transparent and reasonable public spending. 

Randy will bring pragmatic experience, a forward looking view and a sensible voice to Kamloops City council as our vibrant and growing city transitions into the future.” – Peter Mutrie, Juniper 

“I have known and worked with Randy for a number of years when I was a manager in the BC Government and Randy was a consultant. After retirement we also worked on a consulting assignment together.  Randy has always managed his work with the highest integrity and honesty. Randy is a workhorse that likes to get things done and accomplished in a timely manner. He has a gift for public speaking and an affinity for community involvement. Randy has an excellent knowledge of the workings of all levels of government and knows how to get things done when the bureaucracy may seem overwhelming. 

I feel Randy would be an excellent asset for the City of Kamloops in the role of City Councillor and I would highly endorse him in this endeavour”Peter Lishman, Aberdeen.  

 ” I have known and worked with Randy Sunderman for over 25 years in a variety of capacities. I have become increasingly impressed by Randy’s sharp analytical skills; his understanding of the need for organizational transparency and fiscal responsibility of public dollars; and his strong personal dedication to making his community better. I have witnessed the thousands of hours of volunteer time that Randy has given to a wide variety of community organizations and nonprofits in Kamloops. Given the various challenges we face in Kamloops, we desperately need people like Randy on our City Council” – Gordon Borgstrom, Aberdeen.

  “I have known Randy Sunderman for over 25 years, both through work and as a Community and Business Development consultant. Randy is an intelligent, competent with a high work ethic. He’s very knowledgeable of the economic, social and geographic issues of Kamloops and surrounding area. Randy is a person who listens well and offers sound solutions to concerns and problems. In addition, he is very approachable and a compassionate listener, interested in the concerns of all constituents he will represent. I highly recommend him as a council member for Kamloops.” – Ron Bell, Sahali.

 “I am endorsing Randy because of the outstanding work he does for his community. Whether it is the environment, homeless people, even wildfires, his in-depth research, experience serving the community, and knowledge of the issues facing Kamloops, and his efficient, effective positive solutions are second to none” – Rick Turner, Westsyde 

 “I confidently recommend Randy Sunderman for Council. As the president of Peak Solutions Consulting, Randy works as an economist doing feasibility studies and economic development planning for municipal, Indigenous and provincial governments. In addition, as president  of the Kamloops Voters Society, he has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to investigate issues of spending  and governance at the TNRD and City of Kamloops.  He will bring much-needed atmosphere of openness and accountability in the area of government finance. 

Regardless of which major issue he’s working on, he seeks to speak directly to all the key players in order to really understand the issues well. Whether it’s the homeless crisis, the need for addiction treatment, the preservation of important ecological areas, financial accountability, or matters of community safety, Randy is there in person to meet key players in the field in order to get a better understanding of how the issues affect the lives of those of us in Kamloops.”  – Michele Hadley – Dufferin